Accomodation, holiday house in Cavnic

Mine Flower holiday house is big such as a family house, with the capacity up to 17 people. It has 4 rooms (+4 toiletts,3 shower), a fully equipped kitchen (really, it is ready to prepare everything there), a dining room. Outside with a 30 square feet terrace on a big garden, which is on the side of the runnel of the place.

For 17 people, the number of beds in each room is divided to 2, 4, 5 and 6 beds in this two-storey house.


In the garden of our chalet, there is a parkplace, where you can let your cars park (its big enough for 4-6 cars).





Ski & Cavnic

Have you ever skied in Cavnic?


Ski slopes are really close, only 1,5 km to the Mine Flower holiday house, your perfect place to stay with friends and family.


Pricing: 12 EUR /person / night!
(which is apprx. 50 RON - the local currency in Romania)


Ready to come discover the land of Maramureş and Cavnic?

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